A Statement from the Artist

Coming from a place where words are unhelpful and unnecessary, it is difficult to come up with the right things to say about what my art is, or what it means, or what I want for it to mean, or what I was thinking when a certain piece was created. Knowing that eventually what is understood or experienced from the work that I produce is ultimately determinant on who is seeing it, I can say that these are experiments.

It might not so much have to do necessarily with creativity, but expression. It need not be related to a sound or an image, but instead, a feeling or a drive, a sensation to be explored within the realms of the physical world. To fulfill a desire for fullness, or completeness, oneness. Through any and every path that presents itself, it is the ultimate goal of every living thing. The result of a combination of certain stimuli at a certain place, during a certain time. This is a place of creative expression. When we lose sight of this, we lose sight of reality.


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